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Wale Condemns Bribery Attempt by Logging Company Officers of Malaita PPC

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Opposition Leader, Hon. Matthew Wale strongly condemns the alleged bribery attempt by two officers of a logging company on the Malaita Provincial Police Commander in Auki, Stanley Riolo.

Hon. Wale commends PPC Riolo for refusing to accept the bribe and publishing the incident. Hon Wale said, “in this PPC Riolo has shown a good example to other public officers to emulate in exposing corruption”.

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While commending the PPC, Hon. Wale is however concerned that the he (PPC) did not immediately order the arrest of both officers and their boss to whom he spoke on the phone.

The Opposition Leader said these people are so bold in going to the RSIPF Auki provincial office to commit their crime.

“It was important that not only should the evidence be collected on the spot, but that they should also be arrested forthwith,” the Opposition Leader stressed.

Hon. Wale said the attempted bribery of the PPC is a serious matter and should not be left unpunished.

“The RSIPF is the premier law enforcement agency in Solomon Islands and these people obviously intended to compromise its work in relation to a matter directly affecting them or their company.

“We all, but especially police officers, must jealously guard the effectiveness and impartiality of the RSIPF against such malign activities aimed at undermining the rule of law in Solomon Islands,” the Opposition Leader adds.

Hon. Wale further adds, “It is important that we do things properly and according to laws of the country, and ordinances of the Province and not allow people to flout our laws.

I therefore call on the Police to immediately pursue investigations into this allegation and arrest those involved.

The Opposition Leader commends PPC Stanley Riolo for right and courageous decision not to accept the money.

He said, PPC Riolo’s actions demonstrates quality that is required by the people in our public offices, especially the Police force.

“PPC Riolo, your decision shows your dedication to the rule of law and your job as a senior police officer, and serves as an example to other public officers”, said Hon. Wale.


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