Manuopo Area Health Centre Level 1 Project Signed

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    Seated front row from left: AJ, Director of AJ Company Ltd, MoFT PS Mr. Dentana McKinnie and MHMS PS Mrs. Pauline McNeil during the signing of the project document. Backrow, AJ staff including MHMS & MoFT officials.
    Manuopo Area Health Clinic: 2020

    Work on the construction of the new Manuopo Area Health Clinic (AHC) in the Reef Islands, Temotu Province, is set to commence following the signing of the Manuopo AHC Level 1 project document today by the Ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS), Ministry of Finance and Treasury (MOFT) and AJ Company Ltd, who won the construction bid.  

    During the signing, Permanent Secretary of MoFT Mr. Dentana McKinnie congratulated AJ Company Ltd for winning the bid while at the same time highlighted the importance of timely delivery of the project.

    “This is an important project and we are looking forward towards timely delivery of it as the location of the health center poses some significant challenges in terms of weather, transportation and so forth. But, more importantly the technical specifications of the structure requires close and continuous consultation with the technical staff of the Ministry of health. Something that must happen as work progresses”, explained Mr. McKinnie.

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    MHMS Permanent Secretary also echoed similar sentiments of timely delivery stating that that people in the Reef Islands in Temotu Province have long been affected by the lack of important health services and thus the completion is crucial.  

    “Once up and running, all services in accordance with Area Health Centre Level 1 will be available which includes, pharmacy, dental, out and in patient, reproductive health services including labor and laboratory and so forth. Currently it is only providing outpatient services only so we are very much looking forward to the completion of the project”, stated Mrs. McNeil.

    Manuopo AHC infrastructure and services have deteriorated and shrinked over the years affecting health services to over 8 thousand occupants of the Reef Islands in Temotu Province residing within the catchment area of the facility. It’s hard to reach and remote location amongst many factors had caused difficulties in past attempts to revive the health center.

    With renewed commitments of the Ministry of Health to revive and restore health services to the most remote and rural communities across the country, Manuopo AHC is amongst the health facilities at the top of the priority list. The project is scheduled for completion by June next year (2021).

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