Malaita Provincial Gov’t unaware of petition


    The Malaita Provincial Government is unaware nor endorsed the petition by the Honiara Based Malaitans, a statement from the MPG issued through the Ministry of Provincial Government today states.

    A statement from the Malaita Provincial Government on Monday says the executive had not sighted a copy of the petition and not had it endorsed it to formally represent the interest of the entire province.


    It says the province will continue to work together with the national government to realize the development aspirations of the province.

    In addition, the Ministry of Provincial Government has not received any petitions from the MPG Executive.

    “In our view, it would be sensible if any petitions concerning any provincial issues go through the Provincial Assembly who are the mandated leaders elected by the people of the 33 wards in Malaita. The democratic process has instead been hijacked,” the statement, said.

    Meanwhile the MPG calls on its people to respect the State of Public Emergency and to adhere to the laws and respect all residents of Honiara as the host of the Capital City, Guadalcanal Province.

    The statement says most issues listed in the petition were already programmed for addressing under both the DCCG and MARA Government policy directions.

    • Malaita Provincial Government Press Release issued by Ministry of Provincial Government

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