This post is made by Dr Claude Posala on his Facebook private wall. For the sake of the followers of this website and our social media networks, we want to publish it as "information" to put things in perspective.

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As we enter into the hours of Easter weekend may I share a few words.

Most of you, if not all, who are reading this post may have already heard or read about my recent termination from being a public servant in Solomon Islands by my beloved government.

I wholeheartedly accept the decision made by the government and in that light, I want to make a personal call to everyone who have been supporting my reinstatement so far and in the future to let the matter rest for now. Let’s focus our emotions and energy at being united.

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To all those that posted calls supporting and requesting my reinstatement by government to my previous public service position, I am very much humbled. However, I am very much at peace with the government’s decision and would like to sincerely make a call to all of you to be calm and don’t allow emotions to take sway in the current COVID-19 situation.

Further to that, may I also make a strong call to everyone to please put the matter to rest and avoid posting up any further calls for my reinstatement as such. I sincerely beg that of everyone who is reading this post. Let us not be divided against our government at this particular point in time. If ever there was or is a time to united, it is now. Our common threat and enemy is not ourselves or our government, but it is the current COVID-19 pandemic.

To all my good colleagues and all other health professionals within the government services, I also beg of you to remain calm. Do not make my own mistakes of my own doing, be a stumbling block to your vision, oath and service. If ever there was or is a time in which your people and government needed you most, it is now. Be united with the government and be bold in adversity such as my shortcomings.

In addition, please do not post in the comments section below any vile, inflammatory, conceited or argumentative remarks of sorts. I will not accept that.

What’s done is done. We have to respect the law of the land in order for us to have peace, unity and strength.

To my good government, I have nothing more to say, but that I have unintentionally failed you on my own part. I hold no grudges or ill feelings towards any of you at MHMS, MPS or PMO. I take what happened to me as a stepping stone and a life lesson. I very much respect the decision and it is well with my soul. Please continue your good work for the sake of our people.

I sincerely meant no harm and wish that no one holds any form of ill feelings or personal vendetta against me. We are better than that.

I do not know where my journey from now on will take me to, however I will be okay. I would like to extend to SIG, on my part, any volunteer work that SIG would want to engage me in. I love doing eye surgeries and treating eye problems in our beloved country. SIG please do not hesitate to call on my services at any time if that is needed. I am happy to do it as a volunteer free of charge.

Be clear, I am not saying this in the guise to seek forgiveness of my sins, pity or reinstatement from SIG. No. I am saying this because I love my field of expertise and would love to engage for free if that’s what’s needed in any situation. Especially in the subspecialty of Oculoplastics.

I would also beg of the government to please forgive those whom have made calls for my reinstatement on my part. Please do not hold them responsible for those calls as they only meant good in the given situation. Let’s be united together for once.

No one is perfect, and I do make mistakes as well. Forgive me people if my actions blurred the lines between what’s right and wrong. It was never my intentions and for that I ask everyone’s forgiveness and peace of heart.

I will be making my formal statement on this tomorrow to my colleagues, MHMS, MPS and PMO. Other people should not suffer or be affected by my own wrongdoings and I strongly advise my colleagues to take heed to my request for peace, unity and calm.

On the lighter and brighter side of things, I believe this unfortunate situation I find myself in is a blessing in disguise. I now can take a much needed break from work since 2010.

Have a blessed Easter weekend folks 🙏.

What you think?

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