Wale condemns the alleged rape and killing of 7 year old girl on Kolombangara

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    Leader of the Opposition, Hon Matthew Wale joins other national, provincial, community and church leaders; and concerned members of the public at large in condemning the recently reported killing and rape of a seven year old girl on Kolombangara Island, Western Province.

    “News of this tragic incident hits us all with heavy a heart, sorrow, anger and anxiety.  My heart goes out to the family of the victim.  No amount of words can make up for your loss and I only pray that we look to divine intervention for comfort,” Hon. expressed.

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    Regrettable, he said this incident calls for leadership in general to urgently stock-take and take action to avert repeat. 

    “I therefore call on leadership admit and confront the escalating social-economic and cultural issues that are fuelling such erratic behaviour in our communities,” says Hon. Wale.

    The Opposition Leader said while law is an obvious choice for deterrence, it may not be the appropriate solution to addressing the root causes. 

    He said we need to seriously looking at strengthening family values, youth engagement, alcohol and illegal substance abuse, counselling and spiritual development are key areas that must be prioritised in planning. Leadership must accept responsibility and must be proactive in these areas if we are to protect our children.

    “I also urge the police to quickly bring those responsible to justice.  Any person possessing the propensity to engage in evil of this nature is a risk to society is better-off locked up away from our children and the community at large.

    “I also join other leaders in appealing to members of the public to come forward provide any information that may assist in bringing those responsible to justice,” Hon. added.


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