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Wale applauds FIB action against law-breaker

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Leader of Opposition Hon. Matthew Wale applauds the Foreign Investment Board for enforcing the law against Sunrise Investment Ltd, and calls on all responsible government officials to follow suit.

In his statement, the Opposition Leader points out that corruption and maladministration in our government systems including the logging industry, is a disease that has plagued this country for too long, depriving the government and our rural people of much needed revenue and real development.

He says corrupt loggers are responsible for breeding and inflaming this disease over the years, and highlighted his surprise over how a lot of the same loggers are still around doing businesses in the country.

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“The action taken by the Foreign Investment Board therefore is refreshing and must be commended. 

“It must serve as an example to other officials in key government and provincial offices who deal with loggers and other businesses who have no respect for our laws and people’s interests. 

“As such I urge the government to increase the current penalties to deter any form of repeat in the future,” says Hon. Wale.

The Opposition Leader then calls on officials vested with legal authority to grant approvals in the most affected ministries to take serious note of the existence of a corrupt culture endemic in our systems and to do the right thing by stopping it.  

“Be a vigilante for the country and stop corruption in office by reporting dubious loggers and colleagues who break the law,” the Opposition Leader adds.


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