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Suidani appreciates USA’s 2021 message of hope

Malaita MPs, Premier Suidani and the former US Ambassador to SIH.E Catherine Ebert-Gray, at the Paul Tovua Complex at the National Parliament last year.
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The US Ambassador’s message of hope and progress to Solomon Islands right at the beginning of 2021 is a welcome news to the nation, says Malaita Premier Daniel Suidani.

“On behalf of the Malaita Provincial Government this is the news my people are eagerly waiting to hear.  Thank you your Excellency for reminding us of the democratic values and principles shared by the peoples of SI and US and the rest of the free world. That of individual freedom and the rule of law,” he said following the messager by Ambassador of the U.S to the Solomons’ Erin Elizabeth McKee.

Suidani said Malaita Province under its Auki Communique shared the same principles and values and will continue to seek for partnerships that are progressive and not regressive.

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“Principles that advance the free spirit of mankind and not that of bondage and control,” the premier said today.

He said Malaita has been earmarked to be a big recipient of US funding under the SCALE Program.

“We are looking forward to a mutual engagement with Winrock International and other US NGOs contracted to deliver the US25m SCALE Program in Solomon Islands. Similarly, with the US23m MCC funding program announced recently,” said Suidani.

“It is heart warming to my people of Malaita Province to hear her Excellency’s message more especially that the US will involve also in addressing infrastructure gaps in supporting the National Transport Core Initiative. Particularly supporting the national government with the Bina Harbor proposal.  The premier would like to strongly urge the national government to pay special and urgent attention to this good news. To give all the necessary support to the US and likeminded development partners to implement this project and the critical infrastructure needed to support the project,” he said.

Suidani added for so long a number of important national projects earmarked for Malaita province have gathered nothing but dust on the many government ministry’s shelves.

“We have seen enough and sick of these projects in computers. We want to see real projects on the ground. The premier is very hopeful that with the US coming out and making a clear statement. Good things will be happening in SI and most especially to his people of Malaita province,” he said.


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