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PS reveals even unregistered students are on SINU allowance payment list

Dentana. Photo: Fiji Times
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It has been discovered that some students sponsored by the the government at the Solomon Islands National University whose names were not on the enrollment list– yet they have their names on the allowance payment list.

Permanent Secretary of Finance and Treasury McKinnie Dentana told a COVID-19 Talk Back Show yesterday that some students are amongst those who try to siphon money from the government which has strained its limited resources. He also pointed to COVID-19 contractors and suppliers as amongst such dishonest people by providing exaggerated bills to the government to pay. He added that there were also some people who were not qualified for allowances had yet had claimed for allowances.

 Speaking about the students, Dentana said: “We found out that there are some students whose names were not on the enrolment list but when it comes to payment of allowances their names were also there. These are the things that we want to check it properly.”

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“It is true that allowances are delayed but the important thing is we want to check if you are a student there (SINU) on not. Or, you only have the name there to claim the allowances.

“We are not trying to avoid the costs, it’s a government obligation but must ensure that people don’t take extra from the government,” said the permanent secretary.

Meanwhile some students have contacted SBMOnline claiming that they have not received their allowances since the beginning of the year. They appeal to the government to settle their allowances as some of the funds to help them in their studies.


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