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PM acknowledges DCGA MPs’ for political maturity & love for country

PM in Parliament (file photo).
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Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare acknowledged Members of Parliament (MPs) in the Democratic Coalition Government for Advancement (DCGA) for their political maturity and love for the country.

PM Sogavare highlighted this during the sine die motion he moved to allow MPs to speak on issues of their interest.

The Prime Minister pointed out that the violence of November 2021 would have toppled the government “if it was not for the commitment and determination of members of the DCGA to stand up to these challenges, to respect the rule of law and the principles of democracy”.

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PM Sogavare highlighted that the DCGA will go down in history as the most hated government because of the decision it made to challenge the diplomatic status quo by recognizing Peoples’ Republic of China (PRC), an issue that is causing ripples of instability and division in small developing countries.

“The thinking that some foreign powers who advanced certain ideologies have unfettered right to control small developing countries in the world and get them to take sides in the ongoing global power struggle and to treat their enemies as our enemies too.

…or the make-belief thinking that the values they are espousing are superior values and so the entire world must accept and adopt these values in order for peace and stability to take root. This is contrary to the reality we see happening in these countries including Solomon Islands, where we see moral standard taking a huge nose dive, making our claim of Christian country a total joke” the Prime Minister pointed out.

PM Sogavare further warned that geopolitics will increase in the future.

He added ”if I have to identify the greatest threat to the peace and stability in small developing countries like Solomon Islands apart from the institutional, governance and structural issues, it has to be the strategy adopted by these powers to get the helpless small developing states “to tow the line or else attitude”.

The Prime Minister said, our main issue amidst the on- going push and pull by foreign powers is how to strategically place our country in all these.

PM Sogavare clarified that he raised this issue as the November riot of 2021 was connected to government’s decision to recognise the One China Policy.

He further added that if it was not for the commitment of the DCGA MPs, the government would have been toppled from power.

PM Sogavare also highlighted that the policy achievements and major projects implemented to date are a result of political stability, “…a development environment that requires a determined effort by members of the government bench to create”.

The Prime Minister acknowledged the MPs on government side for ensuring there is political stability and amongst other things, this has proven that “we can only overcome challenges when our focus is on the development needs of our people and not on dirty politics”.


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