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OUR Party says SIEC is not Independent and Impartial, demands apology

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The United Party poster for the launch in Auki has this at the top, “#United4Change.” U4C also displays their slogan as Umi 4 Change.

It is clear that they are exercising their freedom of expression and asking anyone who shares this call for CHANGE to exercise their freedom to associate by joining United Party or U4C.

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This is perfectly understandable and is how political parties are supposed to behave. They are using the “CHANGE” Platform to persuade voters to elect new leaders. Nothing wrong with this.

Our Constitution provides that our government shall be based on the democratic principles of universal suffrage.  At the core of this principle is a free and fair election with an impartial and independent body responsible for the elections. This is all good.

However, to date, two text messages blasts were sent by the Solomon Islands Electoral Commission which questions the very core of the SIEC’s Independence and Impartiality.

A text message was sent by the Solomon Islands Electoral Commission on 7th February 2024. The text reads, “You are never too little to make a CHANGE. The Power is in Your Two Votes. People with Disabilities, Women, Young People, Everyone. April 17 – Make that CHANGE.”

You can see that the not too subtle message here is to change the government. Notice how the word “change” jumps out to you? Yes, all in upper case and it is designed this way to leave a lasting impression on you, that come Election Day, we must vote for change, by voting out this government and voting in a new government.

Another text message was sent by SIEC on 13th March 2024. This text reads, “You can MAKE THE CHANGE. Use your two votes to CHOOSE YOUR Members. People with Disabilities, women, young people, everyone. Vote Blo You Pawa Blo You.”

The message here is more express and forceful. It now has “MAKE THE CHANGE” in uppercase which is clearly a directive for voters to use their voted to effect change. SIEC mandate is not to tell voters who or what to vote for.

By making messages that associate the SIEC with various political parties, undermines the impartiality, neutrality and independence of the Commission. Or could it be that the Commission does not have control over its officers?

These three messages are political messages advocating for CHANGE, however, two are from the Solomon Islands Electoral Commission.

OUR Party understands that the funding for the election is provided for by the Australian Government. OUR Party also understands that UNDP SECSIP also supports SIEC and has a contract with Our Telekom for these text blasts. This then raises the issue that would such messages be the result of the influence of a donor partner.

If this is so, then clearly, this is a blatant campaign for regime change advocated by a foreign power and its agents.

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Our rights to a free and fair election has been hijacked by the very Constitutional Authority that is mandated to protect us. We are no longer free to make our choices. The upcoming election is no longer fair. We do not trust the SIEC to protect the sovereign interests of our country and people.

Where are the Commissioners and CEO of Solomon Islands Electoral Commission?

Our Party will challenge any election result after the 2024 National General Election that is not in favor of OUR Party candidates because Solomon Islands Electoral Commission is NOT INPEDENDENT AND IMPARTIAL and is actively campaigning for regime change as everyone can see on the two text messages sent on 7 February and 13 March 2024.

OUR Party demands an immediate public apology from the Solomon Islands Electoral Commission and the Chief Electoral Officer, immediate termination of the person(s) responsible for these text blasts and immediate issuing of two text blast spaced two weeks between, with this message:

“SIEC DEEPLY REGRETS the issuance of two recent text messages, particularly on 7 February and 13 March 2024 which called for change. SIEC values its independence, impartiality and neutrality and apologizes for this FUNDAMENTAL ERROR. SIEC does not support any political party or candidate. Voters are encouraged to vote for their CANDIDATE OF CHOICE.”

OUR Party reserve its right to initiate proceedings against the SIEC including the Chief Electoral Officer as provided for under our Constitution.

OUR Party will always PROTECT THE SOVERIGNITY OF OUR COUNTRY and the RIGHTS OF OUR PEOPLE from foreign forces and their Solomon Islands agents.


What you think?

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