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NRH commissioned four New Paediatric Oxygen Concentrators

(From Left) NRH Medical Superintendent and CEO (ag) Dr John Hue, Nursing and Biomedical Staff with Dr Kaeni Agiomea head of Aesthetic & Dr Carol Titiulu Consultant Paediatrician and (front right)
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The National Referral Hospital (NRH) last week Friday commissioned four new paediatric oxygen concentrators donated by Rotary Australia World Community Service (RAWCS) in which the E-Club of Greater Sydney raised the funds for the donation totalling to over 5,500 AUD (more than 33,000 SBD).

The paediatric oxygen concentrators are very useful for survival of children that are affected by COVID-19 and require respiratory support as the concentrators provide oxygen supplements. While it is purposely for COVID-19 preparedness and response, the oxygen concentrators can also be used on children with other health conditions such as lung and heart conditions as well as other illnesses that require respiratory assistance.

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Marnie Rickards the Deputy Project Manager of RAWCS says the Rotary is pleased to have provided the support. “We are pleased to have donated these four paediatric oxygen concentrators to assist with NRH’s efforts in tackling childhood respiratory illnesses like pneumonia, in addition to contributing to COVID-19 preparedness”,

“Solomon Islands is one of the very few countries around the world to maintain a COVID-19 free status, reflecting the successful preventative efforts by the government and its people, and as such we are delighted to support its ongoing COVID-19 preparations”, said Marnie.

Ms Marnie also acknowledged all those involved in the successful shipment and delivery of the oxygen concentrators to Solomon Islands. 

During the commissioning, NRH Medical Superintendent and acting Chief Executive Officer, Dr John Hue, thanked RAWCS and E-Club of Greater Sydney for the wonderful support that specifically targets infants and babies. “Your donation is highly appreciated as it will continue to enhance and strengthened NRH’s COVID-19 preparedness more especially for our children including infants and babies in light of the COVID-19 threat.

The items were shipped to the Solomon Islands with support from the Australia High Commission. As such, the NRH boss Dr Hue also acknowledged the Australian High Commission in Solomon Islands for their assistance with the shipment and clearance of the items. “We are delighted indeed to learn of the Australian High Commission’s support in this regard and remain grateful for the ongoing support to the hospital’s COVID-19 efforts”.

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