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Gov’t eyes major program for teachers and school leaders in 2022

PS Dr. Roddie
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The Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development (MEHRD) is fully committed to implement another major professional learning and development programme in early 2022.

This is aimed at teachers and school leaders across the country.

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The new professional learning and development programme is a key component of the Education Reform Program that MEHRD is implementing under its new National Education Action Plan 2021–2025.

The groundwork for the professional learning and development programme that aims to target teachers in the country was completed and is ready to be rolled out.

A statement by Permanent Secretary of MEHRD, Mr. Franco Rodie stated,

“Professional learning and development is an important strategy for ensuring teachers all throughout the country are equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitudes, gain the confidence they need, to support deep and complex student learning in their classrooms.”

According to Mr. Rodie, teachers were left alone too many times in the past years to up-skill themselves using whatever opportunity they could find to learn.

“And so it is important that a nation-wide professional learning and development programme is designed to take care of the many teachers professional learning needs that aims to enhance their understanding and skills in order to make the greatest impact on their students learning,” he said.

The purpose of this teacher professional learning and development programme is to assist MEHRD to ensure all primary and secondary level teachers and school leaders have the knowledge, attitudes and skills needed to facilitate student learning through the efficient and effective delivery of quality professional development in a manner that builds sustainable local capability at all levels.

PS Rodie stated, “Effective professional learning and development is defined as structured professional learning that results in changes in teacher practices and improvements in student learning outcomes.”

The MEHRD recognises that the role and function of schools in the country are changing and so is what is expected of teachers. 

Parents have raised their expectations of teachers who are asked to teach in increasingly multicultural classrooms; to place greater emphasis on integrating students with special learning needs in their classrooms; to engage in planning of effective teaching with evaluative and accountability frameworks, and to do more to improve students’ learning outcomes.

The long-term goal to which this professional learning and development programme contributes is that all children in Solomon Islands have equitable access to, and are learning from, quality primary and secondary education.

The Government acknowledges the financial support of key donor partners such as Australia and New Zealand.

The National Government is fully committed to the successful implementation of its policy priorities in the interest of national peace and progress, economic stability and wellbeing of its citizens.


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