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Wale calls for reconciliation

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The Leader of Opposition, Hon. Matthew Wale, on hearing that the motion of no-confidence in Malaita Premier Suidani was withdrawn, has issued a call to both sides of the provincial assembly to enter into dialogue and seek reconciliation.

“The decision by the mover of the motion not to proceed with it has averted a situation that might have plunged the province into uncharted waters”.

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Hon. Wale said the motion of no confidence was never a motion on behalf of the people of Malaita.

He stated that, “it is very clear by the turnout of ordinary Malaitans in Auki in support of Premier Suidani and the MARA government. This is a case of the democratic process being high-jacked by a few for the interests of a few – and those are few are in government in Honiara”.

Hon. Wale said this motion right from the start was a motion conceived, schemed and funded by DCGA and that ordinary Malaitans are right to be very worried about the motion and they are certainly in their rights to flock to Auki to defend their provincial government.

“This is an important lesson for the whole country. Our democratic systems have been high-jacked too many times by a few with vested interests that are not in our common interests. They have smartly used the numbers game and monopolized decision making powers. This has allowed them to make decisions that benefit a few against the vast majority,” said Hon. Wale.

He added that the ordinary people of Malaita must be congratulated for standing firm against outside interests in the governance of their province.

The Opposition Leader said if elected officials do not listen, people have the right to stand up, adding that people must be prepared to do it again, if required.


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