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Former COVID positive person shares experience on how he beat virus

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One of the Solomon Islanders to survive COVID-19 two years ago said he was able to recover from virus because of steaming, hygiene, ate hot food, showered with warm water, ate vegetables and he took paracetamol whenever he had headache.

Alick Collin was amongst a team of footballers who returned in October 25th 2020 from the United Kingdom and caught the virus.

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He told SBMOnline that during that time there was no vaccines available so he did all he could to beat the virus.

“From 25th October 2020 I arrived from UK and quarantined for 12 days. However, on the 6 November 2020 I was transferred to NRH Isolation Centre after I was really sick and tested positive for Covid19.

I stayed in the Isolation centre for a period of more than one month. During those days I really suffered alone because no one was allowed to visit,” he said.

However, Collin said inside the isolation centre he did everything to defeat the virus.

“I steamed five times a day, uphold hygiene practices, eat hot food, shower with warm water, eat vegetables, take paracetamol when ever I feel I headache,” said Collin.

So when asked what sort of advice he wishes to render during the current outbreak, Collin said it is important that “we must be aware that not only Covid-19 has attacked us but malaria, dengue and common flu and other diseases. “So please do take care of yourself, family, your community to reduce transmission of the virus,” said Collin.


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