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Foreign policy friends to all, enemies to none hypocrisy at its worst: Wale

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OPPOSITION Leader Hon Matthew Wale says the government’s foreign policy ‘friends to all, enemies to none is hypocrisy at its worst.

Hon Wale made this statement following reports that a US Coast Guard vessel was unable to enter the Solomon Islands for a routine port call because the national government declined a request for it to refuel and provision.

“Friends to all, enemies to none is clearly a joke, the Prime Minister clearly treats US and its allies as hostile nations. All our friends must be treated equally,” he said.

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The Opposition Leader said he is aware that the advice came from the Prime Minister’s Office.

“This is yet another advice which reflects the Prime Minister’s apparent dislike for US and its allies,” he said.

Hon Wale said the vessel USCGC Oliver Henry was on patrol for illegal fishing in the South Pacific and should be allowed to refuel by the government as part of its obligation and appreciation for patrolling our waters.

“Why is the Prime Minister so anti US & allies?’ There is no rational explanation nor in our national interest to justify this treatment of the US & its allies. It is clear the Prime Minister is pro-China but there is no need to be hostile or adversarial to other democracies,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Opposition Leader said he hopes the government will not do the same to the USNS Mercy Hospital ship planned to visit the country this month.

“For the sake of our sick patients requiring specialist treatment, I am urging the Prime Minister to allow the floating hospital to enter our country,” he said.


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