Home News Curfew tonight: Police appeals for cooperation from public

Curfew tonight: Police appeals for cooperation from public

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The Royal Solomon Island Police Force (RSIPF) appeals to the public in Honiara and Guadalcanal to work together with police as it enforces the COVID-19 curfew, which becomes effective at 8pm tonight Friday 10 April 2020.

 The curfew gazzetted as Emergency Powers (COVID-19) (Restriction of Movement in Honiara) Order 2020 is dated 9 April 2020. The curfew will be effective from 8pm this evening Friday 10 April 2020 to 5am tomorrow Saturday 11 April and then from 8pm Saturday 11 April to 5 am Sunday 12 April 2020. It does not cover the daylight hours tomorrow Saturday 11 April 2020.

 Deputy Commissioner Operations (DCP) of RSIPF, Juanita Matanga says, “The curfew will restrict movement of people in the Emergency Zone in Honiara which is from Alligator Creek east of Honiara to Poha River west of Honiara. The curfew does not cover the provinces. Only people working in essential services including health workers, correctional services and the police will be allowed to move during the curfew.

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“I would like advice ships to avoid travel during the curfew period within the Emergency Zone in Honiara, which is from Alligator Creek east of Honiara to Poha River west of Honiara. It is good for you to leave Honiara and arrive from the provinces outside of to the curfew period.”

 She explains: “Officers of the RSIPF will be setting up checkpoints in Honiara at the Ranadi roundabout, Fishing Village round about, Honiara City Council roundabout and at Rove and White River. Checkpoints in Guadalcanal will be at the Alligator, Lunnga and Poha bridges”

“Police will be looking out mainly for the movement of people and movement of vehicles. Anyone seeking urgent medical attention at the hospital will be authorized on the ground by police officers at the checkpoints. Police will also be doing regular patrols in and around town to make sure there is no movement of people during the curfew hours.”

DCP Matanga emphasizes: “During the curfew the RSIPF will enforce the curfew regulation and breaches will be dealt with by arrests and detention. Police will enforce the curfew as it has been regulated and gazzetted under the state of public emergency powers and regulation.

“There will be heavy penalties including fines and imprisonment for anyone who disobeys the curfew. The fine will be $10,000-00 or five years imprisonment or both.” “I appeal to all citizens of Honiara and of Guadalcanal to observe this curfew order and stay at home during the curfew period. Do not go out unless it is critical. Let us work together with the Government as it tries its best to protect us all and our children from COVID-19,” says Deputy Commissioner Matanga.

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