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NDMO warns: Beware of con artist

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Anyone caught demanding money or goods from business houses or other commercial entities can be arrested and charged, warns the National Disaster Management Office.

 A statement from the NDMO office says the office has never and will never engage any group or individual to get money or goods from business houses and other commercial entities.

The statement says such behavior by certain individuals is bad for the image of the NDMO and have the potential to derail its effort to try and help people in need since it also relies on donations from good hearted business to carry out its mandated activities.

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In light of the above the NDMO assures the private sector that any such request from the office will go through the normal government process of 3 quotes as in the past.

The office would like to request the private sector that if they come across any suspicious request they must call the police or the NDMO office for verification.

The NDMO strongly warns the public who may have any intention of carrying out such unlawful activity to put an immediate stop to it. It says during this difficult times it is important that we all work together for the betterment of the country.

Anyone caught taking advantage of the current state of public emergency for self-gain will be arrested and dealt with under the relevant regulations.

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