‘This is not a mock exercise’

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PRIME Minister Hon. Manasseh Sogavare yesterday has announced a two- day curfew with strict Orders.

The Prime Minister issued the Order, in exercise of the powers vested upon him under the Emergency Powers (COVID-19) (Restriction of Movement in Honiara) Order 2020.

According to the Prime Minister, a curfew will be enforced within the emergency zone from Poha River to Alligator Creek.

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The curfew will be on Friday 10 April 2020 and Saturday 11 April 2020. 

“Under this Order, a person must be at his or her residence, and remain there, on and from 8pm until 5am the next day,” Prime Minister Sogavare said.

He said during that time, a person should not leave or be away from his/her place of residence.

Prime Minister Sogavare adds a person can only leave his or her place of residence in a case that there is a matter of urgency or emergency.

He said under the Order, a person can be exempted in writing in compliance with this Order by the Commissioner of Police.

However, he said persons exempted from complying with this Order include:

  • a medical officer, including a member of the support staff working at the National Referral Hospital and a person engaged on contract to provide emergency services to the National Referral Hospital;
  • a quarantine officer and a person engaged on contract to provide security services at quarantine stations;
  • a correctional services officer.

“It must also be made clear that, the curfew will not apply to the provinces and areas outside Poha River and Alligator Creek.”

“My good people, I would like to also emphasize that this is not a mock curfew. Therefore, anyone that is found in breach of this Order will be arrested,” the Prime Minister stated. He said police would be setting up checkpoints around Honiara and within the emergency zone to monitor the movement of people.

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