Home News Wale tells gov’t to deal with TRC as it is

Wale tells gov’t to deal with TRC as it is

Leader of Opposition Wale.
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LEADER of Opposition Hon Matthew Wale has urged the Government to deal with the Truth and Reconciliation Report (TRC) as it is.

Hon Wale echoed his concerns in Parliament today following government plans to table its own summary and interpretation of the TRC report and recommendations.

“The TRC Act itself requires Parliament to deal with the TRC report and recommendations rather than another summary or an analysis of it,” he told Parliament today.

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He said the TRC Act is clear that Parliament must fulfil its role on the matter.

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare in his response in Parliament has confirmed that the government is working on its own summary.

He said the original report contains five volumes describing it as a headache.

The Prime Minister said the TRC report has passed through number of governments since 2013 and has cost the government thousands of dollars.

“Government officials are still working on finalising the TRC report and recommendations. It is another business we want to table in this sitting,” he said.











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