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Wale lashes out at reckless handling of LSL

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LEADER of Opposition Hon Matthew Wale has lashed out at the Government’s careless attitude in the handling of the Levers Solomons Limited (LSL) issues.

In a statement today, Hon Wale said the recent High Court order for police to vacate Hells Point by 14th November 2022 is a result of Government negligence and incompetence.

The Opposition Leader said it is a regrettable situation for the police and efforts to address domestic security issues.

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Hon Wale said Hell’s Point is a strategic location and the Government must take the full blame.

“The issue of the $50M judgement debt has been on the table since DCGA took office. Instead of quickly expediting the matter, the Government went around the circles and this can only be best summed up by the dubious manner in which DCGA has been handling LSL since day one,” he said.

The Opposition Leader said it is public knowledge that in May this year the Prime Minister has instructed his Chief of Staff and the Attorney General to make an undertaking that would cost tax payers millions of dollars; a highly suspicious move without Cabinet’s approval and without any approved budget line.

He said it is also surprising that since the Government took office a lot of Government MPs have now owned properties within LSL land at Tenaru.

“What is truly going on? Surely these are related in some way and if the police are at the receiving end of corrupt practice at the highest level then something wrong,” he said.

The Opposition Leader adds the Government must learn to allow due process to prevail and the rightful authorities to lead negotiations.

“We are talking about public funds and assets important for public purposes. People in this country expect transparent dealings; not dealings fuelled by vested interest or incompetency,” Hon Wale said.


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