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Political rallies in the capital as elections one day away

Honiara has today experienced political rallies causing traffic chaos in the city
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Honiara came to a standstill today as thousands of voters took to the street to show support to their candidates as the elections are only a day away.

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Driving in mostly overloaded vehicles and open rooftops, the voters marched and chanted the name of their candidates and political parties as they drove and walked on the main-road. They also dressed in their campaign colours with head banners.

It was also evident since yesterday that supporters had also walked the distance they paraded to and returned to the starting point.

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At walking pace, Honiara’s traffic experienced long queues as police closely watched the political rallies.

“I have not seen such an excitement before,” said a first time at Townground.

Today is the final day for candidates and their supporters to rally for voters as campaign blackout comes into force at 12am tonight.

This is the first joint elections where parliamentarians, provincial assembly and Honiara City Council politicians will be elected at the same time.

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Whilst certain city candidates paraded by themselves, others opted to do joint parades with their HCC candidates.

The election starts at 7am on Wednesday and ends at 4pm.

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