Home News Wale condemns PM’s belittling remarks on reasons to extend Parliament

Wale condemns PM’s belittling remarks on reasons to extend Parliament

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THE Leader of Opposition Hon. Matthew Wale has criticized the Prime Minister’s recent remarks that belittled Solomon Islanders’ ability to make policy-based voting decisions.

The contentious remarks came to light during a tokstori event at USP, where a student asked about the Government’s rationale behind extending the life of Parliament.

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Defending his government’s decision not to go to the Polls, Prime Minister Sogavare said “people of this country don’t vote in people because of policies. That, we need to understand.”

However, Hon. Matthew Wale said the Prime Minister’s belittling of Solomon Islanders on their capacity to make informed voting decisions is disgraceful and irresponsible.

Hon. Wale further stated that even if the Prime Minister’s assertion were true, it is a situation that demands transformation, not acceptance and exploitation.

“As Prime Minister, Sogavare should be spearheading efforts to change this status quo, rather than exploiting and manipulating it to further his own government’s agenda,” Wale emphasized.

Hon. Wale asserted that using the people’s inadequacies as a licence to extend the life of this current Parliament reveals more about the Prime Minister’s incapacities to lead this Nation to where it needs to be.

“Responsible and responsive Government are important principles we all must practice and pursue, especially those in Government,” Hon. Wale stated.

“We need leaders who believe in the potential of the Solomon Islanders, who work tirelessly to elevate the political discourse, and who are dedicated to nurturing a thriving, robust democracy,” Wale said.


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