Home News Solomon Islander who lost his life in Canada flown home

Solomon Islander who lost his life in Canada flown home

Thomas family is joined by Canadian‘s and Solomon Islands workers in Canada and SI Hon.Consul General Ashwant Dwivedi who all joined in extending their condolences to the Thomas family for their loss.
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A Solomon Islands citizen who lost his life during a tragic motor vehicle crash in Canada is making his final journey back to his homeland Solomon Islands.

Nickson Thomas , 27, died from what Canada’s Federal Police Agency, Royal Canadian Mounted Police [ RCMP] says was a single vehicle rollover crash north of Highway #7 near Kindersley, Saskatchewan.

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His parents have flown with his body to the Solomon Islands where he will be accorded his final rights. Canadians across the country joined hands to raise funds to assist the Thomas family to pay for the costs associated with his final journey back home.

Solomon Islands workers, and Canadian’s accompanied by Solomon Islands Hon Consul General Ashwant Dwivedi at Vancouver International Airport last night, as they all gathered to pray and bid farewell to Nickson’s parents Mike and Mary Thomas.

 During a prayer ceremony in the Chapel at Vancouver International Airport , CG Dwivedi said that loss of life, especially innocent life, can never be replaced.

“While this human body is just a vessel, the good karma that one does and leaves behind is always remembered.,” CG Dwivedi said. “The tragic death of a young Solomon Islander in Canada leaves deep pain and sorrow among the community of Kindersley, Saskatchewan in Canada. Many Canadians from province to province, town to town have come together to financially support Nickson’s family making it possible for him to be taken back to Solomon Islands,” CG Dwivedi said.

“ It was just a few years back when I was at the same airport to receive the Thomas family who had arrived in Canada to start their new life. This was the single largest family coming from Solomon Islands under the CITREC program as permanent residents. Home Away from Home, they were calling Canada their new home” Mr Dwivedi said.

“Nickson Thomas was a true Solomon Islander someone who was committed to proving himself as a proud Solomon Islander since migrating to Canada. He had a dream of being the first in the family to apply for his Canadian citizenship amongst his other siblings, Canadian citizenship which he would have qualified to apply for next year,” Consular General Dwivedi said.

“ I still remember calling him last year to confirm news of his permanent resident status. He told me that he would work hard to become a good ambassador of the Solomon Islands. He wanted to explore opportunities in the skilled trades sector. “ Mr Dwivedi said.

 “ A true son. A committed employee to his Canadian employers, Nickson was working two jobs to save and travel to Solomon Islands. His visit was aimed at going back home and spending time at his grandmother’s grave in his village. He had his plans worked out, and his future planned to make his family and country proud. “Nickson you will surely and always be missed , “ Mr Dwivedi said.

Mr Dwivedi also urged all to remain calm and not to speculate on the incident while Canada’s National Police Agency the Royal Canadian Mounted Police ( RCMP) continues with its investigation.

“I cannot comment any further on the matter at this stage but would confirm that RCMP is keeping the office of the consulate general of Solomon Islands in Canada informed where necessary as the investigation involves a Solomon Islands citizen”

According to the RCMP statement on October 10, 2023 at approximately 2:00 a.m., Kindersley RCMP received a report of a single vehicle rollover north of Highway #7 near Kindersley, Saskatchewan. Officers, Kindersley Fire, EMS and STARS immediately responded. It was determined the vehicle had three occupants, a driver and two passengers. The second passenger was transported to hospital by STARS with injuries described as serious in nature. The driver was taken to the hospital with injuries described as non-life-threatening. Kindersley RCMP continue to investigate with the assistance of Saskatchewan RCMP Collision Reconstruction and the Saskatchewan Coroners Service. End.

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