Home News Wale commends FIB after demanding explanation on “tubi dealings”

Wale commends FIB after demanding explanation on “tubi dealings”

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Leader of Opposition Hon. Matthew Wale commends Foreign Investment Board for demanding Mas Solo Investment to explain its tubi dealings and calls for stringent follow throughs.

“I must once again applaud FIB and the Director for continuing to hold suspected illegal loggers to account.

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“As I have said earlier, corruption is a disease that is crippling our government systems in our logging industry to the disadvantage of our government and people. 

“The best way to eradicate it is to take it head on and I am pleased that FIB has is doing this,” says Hon. Wale.

The Opposition Leader points out that it appears as if Mas Solo Investment did not have appropriate permits for harvesting tubi at the material times. 

He said if proven true the Registrar is encouraged not to hesitate in cancelling the company’s FIB Permit and to make recommendations to Commissioner of Labour and Immigration to do the same and deport the directors.

“Companies engaged in illegal activities do so at the behest of their dubious directors who have no respect for law.  This is in breach of our company laws and the very principles that guard the interest of companies themselves. 

“Such persons must not be allowed to remain in business and if they are foreigners, they must not be allowed to conduct business in Solomon Islands.”

“I therefore call on other FIB sister agencies such as the Registrar of companies, Commissioner of Labour and the Director of Immigration to join the fight against corruption by doing the right thing,” the Opposition Leader adds.


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