Home News Vatud Star runs aground in Honiara as bad weather hits country

Vatud Star runs aground in Honiara as bad weather hits country

Vatud Stat this afternoon. Photo: SBMOnline
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Vatud Star has run aground early this afternoon after it was washed to the coastline of Kukum as a result of strong wind and waves caused by the current bad weather.

The Vatud Star, owned by the Temotu Vatud Constituency was forced to drag slowly but helplessly as it was forced by strong winds and waves.

“I saw it slowly moved away and came towards us and not long it landed on the stones and rested,” one eye-witness told SBMOnline.

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“As it was coming closer to the shore I saw two people jumping out from the boat and swam to the ground. They landed safely,” he added.

The ship has beached at an empty fenced space opposite (opposite Chengs).

Police had also attended but only to ensure the public was kept away from where the ship now sits.

Vatud Star was seen as a crucial buy as it helped to connect the country’s most eastern part. It was both with public funds by the constituency.

The $4.3m dollar boat was commissioned in 2016 and since been serving the constituency.




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