Home News 500 people in Western community to benefit from Japan funded water project

500 people in Western community to benefit from Japan funded water project

A younger villager enjoying the new water supply this week.
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More than 500 people in Ha’apai community, Roviana, Western Province can now cook with, wash with, and drink clean water from a reliable source, thanks to the Japanese Government.

On Monday this week, the Japanese government through its embassy here went to Ha’apai to hand over the project.


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The water supply project was delivered under the Japan’s Grassroots and Human Security Project.

The Grant Contact of this project was made in November 2022 between the Embassy of Japan and Western Provincial Government. Japan contributed about 620,000 (Six hundred and Twenty thousand) Solomon dollars in total to install a new dam, water pipelines, 10,000 Liter Storage  tank and 21 standpipes for Ha’apai Community.


“Today also, I stand here to salute those dedicated individuals who paved the way from start to the completion of this Project, Mr. John Sele, RWASH Representatives; Honiara-based Ha’apai community executive, Project Supervisor and all stakeholders who collectively put hands together for the successful completion of this project within only 3 months. I would like to express gratitude and appreciation for your positive commitment. I also applaud community people for their big supports and strong commitment on this project,” said Japan Embassy Counsellor, Norimasa Yoshida.

He said the long-lasting impact of what they have built and what Ha’apai community will carry on is immeasurable.

“Investments in water, sanitation and hygiene have a sustainable impact on health and resilience when community participates in maintaining and using this facility,” he said.

Why does Japanese Grassroots Grant invest in water, sanitation and hygiene?

“Quite simply, water is life. And everyone should have access to clean water, no matter where they live. Access to clean water is something many of us take for granted. But the reality is that for so many people living here, this very basic right, which so often determines the difference between life and death, is not available to everyone,” he said.

Representatives of the community have spoken highly of the Japanese Government for the project including those that worked with them.



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