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Tei’ifi raise concern on misuse of ‘cash imprest’ by gov’t officials

The MP for West Kwaio Teifi
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OPPOSITION MP and Member of Parliament for West Kwaio Hon Claudius Tei’ifi has raised concern on the millions of dollars misused by government officials on cash imprests at the expense of taxpayers.

In his Budget Speech in Parliament on Thursday this week, the new West Kwaio MP said there are reports of millions of dollars misused by government ministries and officials as cash imprests under ministerial work programmes and activities.

“Sir, the use of cash imprest system has proven not prudent at all by public service officers,” he said.

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Hon Tei’ifi said these ongoing practices is a grave concern that continue to compromise good financial management practices and undermines the FMO and FI on procurement procedures.

He said the procurement thresholds that apply in the procurement policies are always compromised when large cash imprest are paid to public officers personal accounts and disbursements are done at their disposal and discretion that did not follow those thresholds.

“Sir, I believe there are proper financial systems in place that can be used instead of the usual cash imprest system. The current practice only brews misappropriation of funds and must be addressed,” he said.

The West Kwaio MP said these are serious concerns that call for better financial management strategies and compliance.

Hon Tei’ifi urged the DCGA to seriously address these concerns to ensure sustainability and value for money when spending public funds.

“My concern is that, if this is not address, then we are simply legalising such practise by accepting it in the Appropriation Bills and thus, we are simply consenting corruption in this Honorable House,” he said.


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