Home News Suidani urges MPs to develop Malaita not their private interests

Suidani urges MPs to develop Malaita not their private interests

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Premier Suidani has called on Malaitan national leaders to develop the province with dignity and respect to Malaitans and their communities.

The premier highlighted that respect to human dignity and providing quality leadership and stewardship in the development of Malaita is critical.

“The development of our province cannot be achieve with a divided people and leadership. We need each other than ever before to develop our province and not to develop our private empires.

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“I said this because my office has been informed that some of our national leaders in their recent visits to their constituencies informed their supporters that the MARA government will soon find difficulties with its development agenda,” Suidani said in a statement today.

He said some of the MPs even arrogantly said that by next year the MARA government will hit a brick wall with their development agendas with others even went as far as saying that without their signature the much talked about US25M will not be received.

“Clearly sentiments like this coming from Malaita national leaders is very discouraging to say the least and clearly showed lack of maturity in judging the development situation in Malaita Province.  As national leaders they know that such sentiments will divide our communities and at the end only creates disunity and hatred between our people,” he said.

Suidani said: “There will be no development in Malaita if we leaders think we are everything. We leader are here because it is the people who put us here. As leaders we are here because of the people and not because of ourselves. We cannot achieve any positive development if we continue to show and encourage divisive leadership amongst our people. This is the real fact of the matter. We need our people to be together and not to be against each other.

As leaders our responsibility is to encourage and facilitate development and not to necessarily to control development. Leaders should work with the opportunities and provide good and ethical guidance to our development needs. That is what is expected of leaders. Therefore, if you are a Malaitan leader you should find positive ways to assist bring development into Malaita Province and not to stand against it.”

He said the negative attitude shown so far by some Malaitan leaders regarding the US25m development support from the US had exposed some of these bad and reckless leadership behaviors and attitudes and Malaita province development cannot be addressed with such reckless and irresponsible attitudes.

“I must say that Malaita Province development must not be about Malaitan national leaders doing it all by themselves and taking credit for it. Nor should it be about who should get credit and who should not. This is the sickness that have inhibited development in this province and we cannot continue to entertain such a hopeless attitude,” the premier said.

Suidani said it is time those holding public offices and pubic leadership work for the betterment of the people and not to use the public offices we hold to build our own private empires.

“I have no hesitation to say that Malaita province cannot experience any positive developments in a million years if we continue to tolerate such sickening attitudes.

“We the political leaders of Malaita Province be it national or provincial must grow beyond our own political egos and learn to listen and work with each other and with our people. We should learn from our past political history that when we are together that’s when we have the strength to do things for our people. Whereas when we are divided we are at the whim of others and become their play tools,” he said. 


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