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More males than females in the country except for Temotu

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The 2019 National Census Result has shown that there are more males than females in all the provinces and Honiara except for Temotu.

According to the provisional census results released today, the Census Office says the distribution of the population and sex shows that out of the total population of 721, 455 people enumerated, there are 369, 252 males (51.2%) and 352, 204 (48.8%). This represents a sex ratio of 105 at the national level which means that there are 105 males to every 100 females in the country.

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The report says whilst there is slightly more males than females across the the majority of provinces, only Temotu province records a slightly lesser number of males than females with a ratio of 97.

Rennell-Bellona has the highest with 123 males to 100 females, Western & Isabel province’s ratio is 109 males to 100 females, 107 males to 100 females in Makira, 106 males to 100 females in Choiseul and Honiara, 105 males to 100 females in Guadalcanal, 104 males to 100 females Central with Malaita 100 females to 101 males.


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