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SINU management says strike threats are illegal

SINU is the country's national and local university. The report says shifting the tertiary scholarship program towards local institutions has the potential to make the program more cost-effective
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The Solomon Islands National University in a statement this afternoon advises all stakeholders that SINU’s reference of the threat of strike by some employees is now before the High Court.

According to the SINU statement, “On 19 August, the TDP made certain rulings. SINU respects the Trade Disputes Act fully. S10 of the Trade Disputes Act states that termination of any contract of employment of any “employee whose conditions of service are in issue in the Dispute” is illegal.”

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The statement further states: “The matter before the TDP was initiated by SINU. No individual or specific employee’s condition of service is an issue in the dispute before the TDP. SINU advises that no staff whose condition of service is an issue in the dispute has been terminated during the period the matter is before the TDP.”

The statement adds that the second ruling of the TDP is that any strike by the two Associations when the matter is before the Panel is “in breach of Section 10 of the TDP Act and is illegal”.

Meanwhile, the management of SINU confirms that two employees of SINU have threatened another strike while the matter of the strike is before the TDP and now the High Court.

“This is sheer lawlessness, and disrespect of the Judiciary,” the statement says

The management says TDP’s 3rd and 4th ruling does not concern SINU Management. (below are the TDP’s 3 and 4th ruling)

(That Counsel for the University to advise University Council to immediately suspend the Vice Chancellor pending full investigation of the allegations made against him.

That the Counsel for the University to advise the University Council to terminate the appointment of any committee appointed to investigate the allegations made against the VC if the VC himself has been part in the making of the appointments and a new committee be appointed without the VC’s involvement.)

According to the management, the final ruling of the TDP states clearly that parties have the liberty to go to the High Court.

As per the TDP ruling no. 6, the management says, the matter has now been placed before the High Court of Solomon Islands. As such, any further comment on this would be sub-judice. (below is ruling number 6)

(That any party aggrieved by this Order they have the liberty to apply to the High Court for an order under Section 10 (4) of the TDP Act.)

SINU likes to assure students, parents and stakeholders that SINU places the highest regard to education and student learning. Any action that jeopardies this would be unacceptable and dealt with according to law and policies.

Ends//…(When contact, the SINU unions say are responding to this statement

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