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RSIPF & HCC conduct awareness talk on road safety and littering in public places

Traffice officers controlling traffic at Rove
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The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) and Honiara City Council (HCC) law enforcement have conducted an awareness on road safety and littering this morning (29 March 2023).

The awareness is part of the ‘safe and green games’ government initiatives in preparation for the Pacific Games 2023 (PG23) that will be happening from 19 November to 2 December 2023.

Central Response Unit and Fire Services of the RSIPF also form part of the awareness from White River to Honiara City Council.

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Director National Traffic Department, Superintendent William Foufaka says road safety is very important as “we prepare for the PG23. We expect a big number of people from provinces and abroad will come to watch the games.”

The director says, “Such awareness is very important to inform our road users and our visiting friends from other countries to know about our traffic rules. Simple things like crossing our roads we must be very careful. Look to the left, to the right and to the left again when the road is clear you may cross the road.”

Foufaka says, “Vehicle drivers and owners please do not drink and drive. If you drink, find someone to drive you. Your decision when you are under the influence of liquor will be very poor and accidents could happen at any time. When you are behind the wheels make sure to consider other road users during busy times.”

He says it is good for the drivers and transport owners to renew their driver’s licenses, vehicle licenses and other documents needed to avoid disturbing their business operation.

“Littering is a concern that RSIPF and HCC law enforcement will implement. It is an attitude problem that we need to address properly from our household settings. Try to assist authorities by keeping on reminding our little ones to throw rubbish at the right place in our homes,” says Foufaka.

He adds “By doing this gradually our children will learn from. When they come to town it is already a practice that when they drink from a bottle of water then they know where to throw that empty bottle. But if there is no good practice at home it will be challenging for us to deal with such matters in our city.”

“RSIPF and HCC law enforcement is ready to enforce the fine on the spot initiatives that will be effective as of May 2023. Now it is the time for us good citizens of this country to take ownership of our city. This is our place and we should be proud of it and keep it clean as we prepare for the PG23,” Foufaka said.

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