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RSIPF calls on public to carefully identify PRT and PSU when complaining to the media

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The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) calls on members of the public to correctly identify members of the Police Response Team (PRT) and the Central Response Unit (CRU) and the Guadalcanal Provincial Support Unit (PSU) after a number of allegations made against the PRT in the media.

Director of the RSIPF National Response Department (NRD) Chief Superintendent Alfred Uiga says, “If any member of the public has any complaints against any RSIPF officer they need you to come forward with detailed information about the alleged misconduct. This will help us to identify and deal with them.”

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Chief Superintendent Uiga says, “We have our Professional Standard International Investigation (PSII) Department established within the Force to deal with such misconducts. It’s no good we are complaining about officers without any detailed information because we will not be able to investigate any allegation and those responsible will not be disciplined for their misconduct.”

“Policing is all about members of the community and the police working together for the security of our people. You help us and we will help you to deal with officers who misbehave in public.”

Chief Superintendent Uiga explains: “When you see any officer in police uniform misbehaving in public take note of the details of the uniform he or she is wearing. Identify those officers. Take note of the timing and location where alleged incident happened. Take note of the registration number of the vehicle they are using. Officers of the CRU at the Honiara City Central Police Station wear a black round neck T-shirt with the word ‘police’ at the back and ‘CRU’ on the left chest of the T-shirt. 

“For the Guadalcanal Police Support Unit (PSU) they wear a black round neck T-shirt with the letters ‘PRU’ on the left chest  and the word ‘police’ on the back of the T-shirt,” says Director Uiga.”

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