Home Business Shortage of skilled labour concerns private sector, highlights Dr Forau

Shortage of skilled labour concerns private sector, highlights Dr Forau

Governor Dr Forau left at the launch last week
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Shortage of skilled labour remains one of the key constraints in the private sector, governor of Central Bank of Solomon Islands, Dr Luke Forau highlighted in his report last week.

Dr Forau said their consultation with the stakeholders in the private sector, two factors routinely emerged as major constraints to growth and employment: (i) a shortage of skilled labour, and (ii) the unreliability and inefficiency of domestic infrastructure.

He said skilled labour is of particular importance for all of us in strategic terms.

Dr Forau said growth will not magically materialize from a rising number of working-age people in our country; rather, it will depend crucially on the skill level of that workforce, and on their ability to find suitable employment.

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It is therefore essential that our education system keep up with rising domestic demand for skilled labour, and that our healthcare system ensures the health and well-being of our people. We believe the Government can contribute to this by continuing to step up its efforts at promoting a healthy life-style, strengthening the fight against NCDs and ensuring that every individual has access to a healthy and affordable diet,” said Forau.

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