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Revelation of nurses’ salary scale could influence review of police salary

Dr Rodgers explaining the nurses salary and allowances to the media this afternoon. Photo: George Herming: GCU
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 Police Chief Mostyn Mangau admits that he sympathizes with his officers after seeing the nurses’ pay being detailed last weekend and admits the revelation will help them in the review of police officers’ benefits.

Secretary to the Prime Minister Dr Jimmy Rodgers in response to nurses strike last weekend used a press conference to reveal the salary scale of the nurses. He said the nurses are amongst the highly paid public officers in the country. When Dr Rodgers was revealing the calculations, Mangau was also in the Office of the Prime Minister witnessing the nurses’ salary scales being disclosed. It was also shown live online and broadcast on radio.

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Speaking to journalists today when asked about the revelation of nurses’ salaries in comparison to his officers’, Mangau said: “I was there (in OPMC).  I sympathize with my officers. They (nurses) are taking more than us.”

He said currently the RSIPF salary scales have been looked at by the HRM team.

“Is something we are looking at for RSIPF as well,” said that in reference to his officers’ salary scales.

“By revealing the information it is handy for our submission. Our HR (Human Resources) team is looking at our allowances. Such information will help us to justify our case.

He adds that like the nurses, RSIPF also provides essential services to the people.

Managu said they are also looking at the various allowances under the review.

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