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Public maybe given just 3 hrs notice before lockdown if delta enters community

Baragamu speaking to the press on Saturday.
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In the event that there is a report of community transmission of the delta variant the public may only be given up to three hours to return to their homes before a full lockdown is enforced.

This is the message from the National Disaster Management Office during it briefing with journalists over the weekend.

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Whilst the lockdown exercise is to test the capacity of the agencies was announced a week ahead, this will not be the case if there is a community transmission.

George Baragamu, the Chief Operations Officer of NDMO, said the 36-hour lockdown is not only for the government agencies that will engage in future lockdowns but it is also for the public.

He said: “We too have to be prepared. Now it is an exercise. We already know when to start and what time it will end.”

 He continued however: “Should there be a real one they would not give us ample time.” “Probably the buffer will just between two to three hours to to allow us to return to our homes. And for the duration of the time we don’t know as it will depend so much on how health is going to do its work,” he told the press briefing.

Baragamu said the key message is for everyone to prepare their plans to come up with ways in which they can also function during the lockdown.

Meanwhile this weekend’s lockdown exercise is necessary as it is part of the country’s response to COVID-19 should there be an outbreak or community transmission of the delta variant.

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