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Political stability, a DCGA legacy says Sogavare

Former PM Sogavare
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The Democratic Coalition Government for Advancement, DCGA, has attributed its success to Political stability- a demonstration of a mature government who refused to bow down to foreign interests that run contrary to Solomon Islands development interests.

In his Parliament Sine Die statement, Prime Minister Hon. Manasseh Sogavare MP announced, DCGA lived up to its conviction that Political Stability is the main catalyst for development.

DCGA is politically mature and enjoy political stability because it is committed to work together to see Solomon Islands develop. The outcome is simply amazing, underscored Prime Minister Sogavare.

“Political stability has to be one of DCGA’s legacy”.

Increased development partners trust and confidence on the current stability has boosted partnership and assistance based on the country’s national priorities.

Further, Prime Minister Sogavare adds, DCGA also drafted legislations on a number of key reforms shelved by successive governments- Land reform, Tax reforms, reform on our investment attraction strategy; Reform of the Forestry development strategy, reform of the country’s mineral development strategy.

Commending DCGA for holding together and fighting a good fight to the finishing line, the Prime Minister described his government’s political stability as a demonstration of political maturity; a turn around in political behavior.

No government since independence equal DCGA’s performance in terms of number and monetary value of game changing projects and reforms because it believes in political stability even in the midst of uncertainty.

He adds, for the first time, Parliament enjoyed the absence of politicians with selfish motives. Previously, there were politicians who have no other reasons for coming to Parliament except to become Prime Ministers and would resort to instigating political instability to achieve their objective. The country nearly had that situation in 2019 and in 2021.

PM Sogavare warn those trying to garner support to enter politics for personal reasons without offering anything good for the country, the country does not need them.

What the country needs, he underlined is strong leaders who will not bow down to foreign interests that run contrary to Solomon Islands development interests.


  • issued by OPMC Press

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