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Police to pursue ‘false post’ on FB

Ian Vaevaso
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Police will pursue the poster of a false post on facebook claiming that the first COVID-19 person had breached isolation protocols by going out to chew betel-nut at the betel-nut stalls outside of the NRH morgue.

Deputy Commissioner Deputy Commissioner of Police Ian Vaevaso said: “Report of untruth information will be investigated. It’s a breach of our regulations.”

Making reference to the post on social media last week and what RSIPF will do in his press conference yesterday, Vaevaso said: “Police will pursue the poster.”

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The post was widely shared on social media and had attracted many commentaries.

The deputy commissioner of police has also reiterated that internal investigations by the Ministry of Health and Medical Services has found that the post was untruth as there was no breach of protocol as claimed in the post.

Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare this week also spoken out against the spread of false information on facebook and urged users to be careful with what they share.

Vaevaso said they are also investigating alleged abuses against front-liners by those in quarantine.

He said like they did those identified will be taken to custody at the end of their quarantine.

Attorney General John Muria Jr. had told the media that his office was investigating reports of front-liners being abused by some of the people now in quarantine.


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