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PM’s Greetings and well wishes on the ‘official’ birthday of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II  

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On behalf of my family, and the Democratic Coalition Government for Advancement, I congratulate Her Majesty, Queen Elisabeth the Second on the occasion of her Official birthday and platinum Jubilee.

This year is an unprecedented anniversary as Her Majesty, The Queen became the first British Monarch to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee, marking 70 years of service to the people of the United Kingdom, the Realms and the Commonwealth.

The National Government and the people of Solomon Islands join well-wishers across the world to offer Her Majesty our warmest congratulations and best wishes for her continued good health.

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In all the years of her reign, Queen Elizabeth II is an exemplary global stateswoman with unparalleled dignity and grace.

Thank you for being a constant inspiration as leader of the Commonwealth in the face of monumental global changes over the decades.

In Solomon Islands, a special extended holiday weekend will provide an opportunity for our communities and people to celebrate the historic milestone.

Celebrations in Honiara include a drum beating parade from Henderson to White River, flag waving along the highway, Thanks giving service, planting of platinum tree.

As we celebrate The Queen’s platinum Jubilee, we are reminded of the accepting, optimistic and adaptive character she is, promoting peace and avoiding conflict at all times.

Our resilience and national unity was tested during COVID 19 and the recent riots. We have witnessed the destruction of much of the economic infrastructure in Honiara.

By the Grace of God our country continues to survive efforts to create disunity among our people.

These challenges will never end but we will come out stronger and more united as long as we stand together as a people and as a nation.

God Save the Queen.

God bless Solomon Islands from Shore to Shore.

Hon. Manasseh Damukana Sogavare, MP


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