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PM briefed on cocoa factory on Makira

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The Makira based ‘Pinihimae and Associates Group’ have visited Prime Minister Hon. Manasseh Sogavare and personally thank and update the Prime Minister on the Progress of the more than 4 million dollars Cocoa Factory National project at the Provincial Capital, Kirakira.
Prime Minister, Hon. Manasseh Sogavare announced earlier this year during the Second Appointed Day Celebrations at Kirakira, the Government has made a commitment to establish a Cocoa Factory for the Province at Kirakira. He further announced Pinihimae and Associates Group Limited as the operator and manager of the government funded factory.
Updating Prime Minister Sogavare, Chairman of Pinihimae and Associates Group Limited Alick Pinihimae said, since the announcement early August this year, there was no rest for his executive. This resulted in a number of achievements the company is excited about;
The project Administrative set up was completed in September this year. Internal Establishment was achieved in October.
Project materials will soon be procured and delivered, he adds.
The Project Construction phase is between November 2021 to February 2022.
He said, if funding is forthcoming, Production Operation will begin towards mid next year.
He however told the Prime Minister, the time frame of the project might be extended in line with funding availability.
Mr. Alick adds, this is not the time for internal fighting or for personal differences rather with the DCGA Redirection Policy, it is now eminent to review and adopt appropriate linkages to deliver Public Private Partnership services in the Provinces.
Meanwhile, Prime Minister Sogavare is pleased with the Progress made on the National Project so far.
He said, the decision by the government to fund the Cocoa Factory National project in Kirakira is founded on the fact that Makira Ulawa Province is the highest producer of cocoa in the country.
The Prime Minister said, this project is a form of Public Private Partnership between, National Government through the CILI/MALD/MID, Makira Provincial Government and Private Sector.
National and Provincial system of governances must collaborate for purposes of convenient delivery of government services.
In terms of the benefits expected once the Cocoa Factory is operational as of next year, Solomon Islands will benefit through this project by achievements of the outcome results of accomplishing both cost effective implementation program and also serving the needs of the people for cocoa markets for their (cocoa) produce.
Secondly, the Government will benefit by achieving anticipated advancement of policy and advocated maximising of viabilities of community rural development.
Thirdly, the public will benefit in accessing spinoffs with ease and convenience; as this project is anticipated to roll across the Solomon Islands.
Fourthly, the National Government will realign or will be able to reassess the need for cost effective funding modality for rural Solomon Islands; and especially in dealing with PPP funded projects.

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