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PM Sogavare graces Tenakoga’s graduation ceremony

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PRIME Minister Manasseh Sogavare has graced the 9th graduation of the Tenakoga Adventist College, North East Guadalcanal today.

Speaking as guest speaker during the ceremony, the Prime Minister congratulated the students saying that graduating is just a part of the journey in life.

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He told graduands that they will continue to face challenges and adversities as they continue in their journey.

“Some of you will continue on with your formal education, and I urge you to continue to study hard and perform to the best of your abilities. For some of us, our formal education ends today, but let me assure you that this is not the end of the road. It is just the beginning of a new chapter in your life. You must never give up just because you cannot progress up the ladder of higher education now,” the Prime Minister said.

Prime Minister Sogavare said as Christians we believe that, “all things work together for good to them that love Him, which I believe all of you are.”

Prime Minister Sogavare encouraged students to also appreciate that there are hundreds of people like them who are not fortunate to find placements in our secondary school system because of limited space.

He said that is why our education system adopts the examination approach to determine who should progress further in the upper echelon of our education system.
“Our journey in life is a series of race, competitions and contests. That is a fact that we must accept. It is a principle that runs through everything we do in life. It has to be otherwise there will be no way of measuring one’s success and progress in life. These tests raged from temptations and trials brought upon us by Satan to destroy us to the normal things in life,” he said.
The Prime Minister said the quest for education for example and the strive for higher learning in the exam- based education system in this country is no different.
He said it functions on a formal assessment process, where candidates can showcase their knowledge and proficiency in a given subject or topic.
Prime Minister Sogavare said the examinations are administered with varying purposes and at varying frequencies by an assessment or recruitment body.
“So you are all contestants in that sphere of life,” he said.
The Prime Minister told the graduands that in the context of Solomon Islands where places in our schools are always at a premium, their admission at the school in the first place is a blessing that they must also acknowledge with a thankful heart.
“There are children who cannot be at school because of limited places in our schools,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister also took the opportunity to thank the Seventh day Adventist Church for being an active and trustworthy partner in the development of our country in the area of health, education and spiritual development.

“I am impressed by the underlying principles and belief system that underscore our health and education system. They are second to none,” he said.

In health and education more specifically, Prime Minister Sogavare said the Church must be commended for offering a unique service, which not only focuses on the improvement of life here on earth, but is concern more about preparing people for eternity.

“It is to be emphasized that any health and education system in a country that professes Christianity that are guided by principles other than these, are incomplete,” he said.

Meanwhile, School Principal Francis Leovaina spoke highly of the Prime Minister for his humility in accepting their invitation.

“It takes a humble leader to travel all the way here to make this a special day for our students,” he said.

Member of Parliament for North East Guadalcanal Hon Ethel Lency Vokia also echoed similar sentiments thanking the Prime Minister for gracing the school graduation.

The school also presented gifts and Chupu to the Prime Minister and his delegation.

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