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Wale calls for gov’t to put more efforts into food security plan

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The Leader of Opposition, Hon. Matthew Wale notes the statement by the Prime Minister yesterday, highlighting the importance of food security for our people and the fact that there is a plan in place to address this very important matter.

Food security concerns the ongoing availability and access to food and other basic needs by our people, especially those in Honiara and other provinces in the high zones, should we have a real lockdown. 

He says, “As our people heavily rely on the shops and market outlets for their daily food supplies, it can be a serious problem if suddenly, these outlets are no longer available because of emergency restrictions”.

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He adds that with only the central market now open, people are now being forced to travel outside of Honiara to source fresh agriculture produce. This can easily become a serious problem if we were to have a real lockdown.

He further adds that those who depend on the cash economy are already struggling to make ends meet under ongoing emergency restrictions and with the likelihood of mass job losses and salary cuts looming in the horizon, affording to put basic food items on the table in a real lockdown will certainly be a problem for some.

“It is therefore a relief to hear the PM highlighting government’s contingency plan to assist those that will be affected forecasted in our preparedness plans. 

“This will certainly put to rest any worries that the families that will be affected may have and I call on the government to continue to update our people on this important matter.

Hon. Wale however reminded that the government should ensure this food security plan is prioritised, and sufficient resources must be put into it.

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