Home Health NRH biomedical lab technicians trained on repair and maintenance of  medical equipment

NRH biomedical lab technicians trained on repair and maintenance of  medical equipment

Two local biomed technicians testing the oxygen concentrator machine.
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With support from the World Health Organization (WHO) NRH biomedical lab technicians have been trained on repairs and maintenance of medical equipment.

Mainly the equipment includes ventilators, oxygen concentrators, ECG machines to assess heart, defibrillator and other patient monitor machines including lab equipment.

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The biomedical engineering department contributes significantly towards provision of effective healthcare services in health facilities.

National Referral Hospital, Senior Biomedical Technician Mr. Douglas Rerese said that the training helped participants to gain knowledge and skills on key electrical tests necessary to ensure safety of staff and patients which was complimented by electrical theory learning around safety designs for mitigations of risks and best guideline practices.

“We were also taught on how to identify various solutions and make decisions on the replacement of parts when equipment fails with the application of trouble shooting, as well as calibration and performance of each medical equipment and the periodic calibration to ensure the equipment remain up to standard”,

“Training also covered Equipment Management System inventory work which will  be very important for  us to keep track of all the newly procured equipment in terms of their status, location and use”, outlined Mr Rerese.

He explained that following our COVID-19 response there has been a lot of these medical equipment provided to the hospital and therefore it is only fitting that such training be carried out for relevant staff to repair and maintain functionality of the machines up to standard effectively track these machines.

He thanked the Ministry of Health and Medical Services and World Health Organization for the technical and financial support for the training which he describes as critically important towards enhancing health care service through maintenance of medical equipment at the required standard.

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