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1 out of 7 alleged land corrupt deal cases now before court, says police chief

Mangau confirmed the death of one of his officers today
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Commissioner of Police Mostyn Mangau has confirmed today that one of the seven cases of land corruption deals reported by the Commissioner of Lands to police is now before the courts.

He made the response in answering a question from journalists today on the seven cases, the Commissioner of Lands Allan McNeil had revealed that he had already reported to police for further investigation.

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Mangau confirmed that seven cases and said they are dealing with them and one now before the court.

He said this is in relation to land dealing with Rennel in relation to mining there.

Mangau said his officers are still investigating the other six cases which he confirmed are amongst his priority cases.

He could not put a time line when the cases will go to court as his officers are still investigating.

McNeil stated that dating back as far as 2020, he had made a total of seven written complaints to the RSIPF about alleged fraud in land dealings.

Just last week he won back a land near the airport that was corruptibly awarded to a Chinese business person.


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