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MRD explains CDF facilitation process

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The Ministry of Rural Development (MRD) says unless key implementation requirements are met and submitted by constituencies before, the constituency Development Fund (CDF) will be released to them.

Director of Rural Development Division (RDD) Milfred Delemani made the clarification to make sure our good people are informed and understand the processes with regards to facilitation of CDF to consistencies.

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“The ministry cannot facilitate CDF payment to constituencies unless they submitted key implementation requirements. It is a binding requirement and every constituency must observe. No submission means no facilitation of payment,” Mr. Delemani said.

He said actual facilitation can be only made once a constituency or constituencies met those key processes.

The key requirements that the 50 constituencies are required to submit are as follows:

  • 2021 Annual report;
  • 2021 Acquittal reports (SIG Support to Constituency Development Fund (SSCD), and Peoples Republic of China (PRC) CDF cash grants);
  • 2022 Annual work plans & Budget.

He said upon submission of these important program requirements then constituencies will be cleared and can now make project proposal submissions to the ministry.

“The CDF program is delivered through two modes; one is the CASH GRANT and the second is the Preferred Supplier Arrangement (PSA). As such the implementation of the CDF program also hinges on the completion of the PSA through which the PSA is advertised through a public and open tender, then MRD did the evaluation and then the Central Tender Board (CTB) issues the awards to successful bidders,” Director Delemani explained.

However, he said the situation now is that to date, not all constituencies have submitted the above key requirements as yet. “MRD has just received the awards for 58 successful Suppliers last week and is still facilitating contract signing with approved Suppliers and this will continue until the end of next week.”

He further said that in situation that constituencies requested facilitation of cash grant, the ministry can action but that will only apply to constituencies that met the said key requirements.

“So, for public awareness, to date, no payment for 2022 CDF program has been yet facilitated or released to consistencies.”

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