Minister of Children condemns death of 7-year-old girl

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    THE Minister for Women, Youth, Children and Family Affairs Honourable Freda AB Tuki Rotutafi condemns in the strongest term the brutal death of a young girl at Kolombangara Island, Western Province.

    Police media report stated the 7-year-old girl went missing on her way home from school on 14th October and was discovered dead on 18 October.

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    “I share my heartfelt condolences and deepest sorrow to the immediate family and relatives of this young child and those perpetrators must receive the toughest punishment under the Law of Solomon Islands,” Rotutafi says.

    The Minister said the horrific act of taking away the life of an innocent child and any forms of violence is a serious crime and is not accepted and must not be tolerated.

    “Every child including girls should be able to grow up safe and secure wherever they are – at home, at school and in their communities and deserve respect as any other individual,” she   

    She calls for more collective effort to stop any forms of violence against children whether it be physical or sexual abuse and others.

    Rotutafi urges all Actors including Government agencies, Non-government organizations, Churches, Schools, Community leaders and parents to act and help create safer environment for all children.

    “National and Provincial leaders, church leaders, community leaders, teachers, parents including men and boys must come out and speak against violence against children including sexual abuse.

    “Whilst the Government is committed to ensure that all children are protected from any form of violence and abuse at home, school, community and our society, we acknowledged the need to strengthen the good traditional values and practices that help to provide for the care and protection of children and respect for women and girls.”

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