Home News Mewa wants public officers who reach retirement age must leave

Mewa wants public officers who reach retirement age must leave

Mewa making his point today
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The MP for Temotu Nende Commin Mewa has told the Public Accounts Committee today that public officers reaching retirement age should leave to give way for new graduates.

Mewa raised the point to the Permanent Secretary of Public Service Nego Sisiolo when he appeared before the PAC enquiry into the 2023 Appropriation Bill 2022. The issue of retirement and recruitment into the Public Service were raised by several members of the PAC.

Mewa, who is also a member of the PAC said: “I want that by the age of 50 all officers must know that they will be retired to pave way for other graduates. I believe some new graduates have some new knowledge. The world today is changing and there are young brains who should come and occupy the posts.”

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He stated that some retiring public servants are now taking advantage and wanting the government to consider extending their jobs even after the retirement age and into 60s’.

Mewa said: “When a public servant has to be retired, he has to be retired.”

“We retire them at 50 so that they still have time to restart their life. Once we keep people too long they are not prepared for their future,” said the MP for Nende.

Meanwhile, Mewa said the lack of space has forced young graduates to take up jobs overseas under the seasonal work programmes.

“University graduates are now working under the seasonal workers due to lack of opportunities,” he said.

Though Mewa made reference to 50 as the retirement age, Sisiolo clarified that 55 is the retirement age for public servants.


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