Makira people warn to stay out of yacht anchoring at Ugi Island

    Kirakira police are calling on people to stay out of the boat.
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    The Royal Solomon Island Police Force (RSIPF) at the Kirakira Police Station in Makira- Ulawa Province warned people against going to a sailing ship anchored outside Selwyn Bay in Ugi Island.

    Provincial Police Commander (PPC) Makira-Ulawa Province, Superintendent Peter Sitai says, “Police have received a report that a yacht had anchored outside Ugi Island. The presence of the yacht is quite suspicious and I therefore warned my good people to stay out from interacting with the crews or going on board the yacht.”

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    Sitai says, “The name of the yacht is Vivre, white colour and had only one mast. There were two male foreigners sighted in the vessel. Police are now working closely with other agencies to deal with the issue.”

    Sitai says the yacht was first seen anchored outside Namuga substation harbour in East Makira on 20 August.

     “I call on Makira-Ulawa people not to go closer to the ship or get on board whilst Police are working closely with other agencies to deal with the issue. I advise my good people not to allow any of the crew to come ashore,” adds Sitai.

    Saitai says, “I am extremely happy with my people in Makira-Ulawa Province for their cooperation with the police. COVID-19 is a deadly disease and must not be underestimated or given any complacent as once it finds its way into our coastal area or borders it will not be selective. This is the reality we must all accept and start ensuring that our coastal areas or borders are kept safe from any unauthorised vessels from entering our shores.”

    If is advisable that if you see a similar sailing ship. You can call Kirakira Police on phone 52999 or call the police free toll line 999.

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