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Major Clean-Up Tomorrow

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The government has again issued a “Call of Action” to the general public, public servants, private sector, churches, institutions, and Honiara City Council (HCC) wards to come out in numbers for a massive clean-up activity tomorrow afternoon as we are 10 days away from the SOL 20203 Pacific Games opening ceremony.

The clean-up starts from Henderson to White River from 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm.

Ministries, state-owned enterprises (SOEs), and business houses situated along the highways are urged to continue their rubbish collection on the roadside, drains, and brushing.

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The focus for tomorrow will also be on the Mataniko areas next to Chinatown.

Chairman of the Government Services Integration Committee (GSIC), Mr. Bernard Bata’anisia, said some zones are already contracted out, thus encouraging clean-up teams to work alongside them.

He said their team is also thankful to Our Telekom for sending out community messages and for their continuous support in preparation for the games.

He further conveys their appreciation to the ministries and SOE’s for their turnout during last week’s initial call of action for the Friday clean-up sessions and to HCC’s waste management team for their support.

Meanwhile, Solo-Enviro Beautification has been engaged by the government for the beautification and greening of parts of the city, especially the east side, where most of the game venues are located.

HCC ward councillors were also active in their community clean-up campaign. Funds were allocated to them by the National Hosting Authority (NHA), and they are responsible for cleaning and collecting rubbish along the feeder roads and drains throughout the city. Heaps of rubbish collected by the community groups were then picked up by the waste management team for proper disposal at the Ranadi landfill site.

The GSIC chairman said this reflects the Safe Green Games Initiative, as we are ready to welcome more than 5,000 visitors to our city for the two-week sporting event.


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