DPM Maelanga and SI High Commissioner to Australia Robert Sisilo interacts with Australian business leaders
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Deputy Prime Minister Manasseh Maelanga has delivered the keynote address at the opening the 12th Australia-Solomon Islands Business Forum in Brisbane this morning (18 April 2023).

The theme for this year’s forum is “Solomon Islands; Open for Business Again” which covers topics, sessions and discussions on reforms, challenges and opportunities for business development between the two countries after the covid-19 pandemic.

DPM Maelanga delivers the keynote address at in Brisbane

Solomon Islands is represented at the Forum by business representatives, policy makers and technical officials from the Government and Private Sector over the next two days.

Mr Maelanga said Solomon Islands will always share the ideals of the Australia Solomon Islands Business Forum in sharing business opportunities, common purpose and share ideas to explore new horizons.

“The Australia Solomon Islands Business Forum is indeed a window of a new development paradigm and a forum to uphold business opening up and enhanced trade between our two countries, “the Deputy Prime Minister said.

This year’s Forum has special significance as it seeks to further promote high level ‘opening up’, to advance market interaction, integrate our common industry and reinforce innovation and science in business and trade.

For Solomon Islands, the best options for trade in the current economic status is with both primary and secondary products – with a growing trend in the secondary value added commodities.

Maelanga further highlighted that the Australia Solomon Islands Business Forum is a unique opportunity for the two countries to share ideas, share experiences and learn from each other, noting that the power for collaboration cannot be overstated.

“I encourage all of you to engage on that renewed spirit of a new and open business environment – have open discussions, and share questions that should push us to understand better our challenges,” he said.

The Deputy Prime Minister added that Solomon Islands will strive to position itself to align with the primary principle of industrial integration to enhance trade within the two economies and those that connect this business landscape.

“We do value our distinctive market and we encourage innovative trade and economic relationship between our two economies and business cultures,” he said.

Maelanga acknowledged Australia’s ongoing commitment to the region with ideal trade characteristics whilst pursuing development and economic opportunities in a whole process that upholds cultural values and achieving common prosperity in business.

The 11th Australia Solomon Islands Business Forum was held in Honiara 2019 attended by leaders and business representatives from both countries on the theme – “Partnership for Shared prosperity”.




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