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Kiribati Ports Authority Completes Successful 2-week Work Attachment and Training at Solomon Ports

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Solomon Ports is delighted to announce the successful completion of a two-week work attachment and training program by the Kiribati Ports Authority (KPA) staff at Honiara Port.


SIPA Stevedore Supervisor explaining SIPAs Stevedoring procedures to KPA officer
SIPA Stevedore Supervisor explaining SIPA’s Stevedoring procedures to KPA officer.

A dedicated team of six KPA staff members participated in this enlightening experience, engaging with various departments at Honiara Port to foster knowledge sharing and collaboration in the Pacific maritime industry.

The primary objective of the work attachment was to provide KPA staff with a firsthand experience of the operations at Honiara Port, enabling them to interact with and learn from the experienced professionals at Solomon Ports. Through this exchange of ideas and expertise, KPA aimed to identify areas where they can enhance their own port facilities and services back in Kiribati.

One noteworthy achievement during the work attachment was KPA’s exposure to the advanced Terminal Operating System (TOS) used by Solomon Ports. Impressed by its efficiency and capabilities, KPA expressed its intent to soon implement a similar system in their own port facilities, inspired by the valuable lessons learned during their time at Honiara Port.

A farewell event was held today, marking the end of this productive collaboration. Mr. Eranda Kotelawala, CEO of Solomon Ports, expressed his gratitude to the KPA team for choosing Solomon Ports as their training destination. He emphasized the importance of knowledge sharing and cooperation among Pacific ports, highlighting the positive outcomes of the recent Pacific Maritime Transport Alliance Conference hosted by Solomon Ports in July. KPA was a participant in this significant event, where connections were forged and knowledge exchange was prioritized.

Ms. Maitiote Roubena, the team leader of KPA, extended her sincere appreciation to Solomon Ports for their warm welcome and generous sharing of expertise. She acknowledged that KPA has gained invaluable insights from Solomon Ports, which they are eager to implement in their own port operations upon their return to Kiribati.

As a token of recognition for their dedication and commitment, the KPA team members were presented with certificates during the farewell event.

This successful work attachment and training program represent a significant step towards strengthening cooperation and knowledge exchange among Pacific ports. The KPA team’s newfound insights and experiences gained at Honiara Port will undoubtedly contribute to the development and improvement of port facilities in Kiribati.

SIPA Media (08/09/23)

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